Quantitative Analysis for Professional Studies and Projects (with CD-ROM)

Lawrence Chan, Ferrix Lau
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出版社 紅出版 (青森文化)
語言 英文
出版日期 2011-10-19
頁數 272
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To adopt an integrated approach, the authors have developed an innovative logical flow by discussing individual topics with worked examples, using exercises to assist the understanding of key concepts and solve statistical problems. Moreover, the main aim is to facilitate readers to use ready available tools, including calculator and Excel, to perform quantitative analysis for projects. They also offer a plug and play statistic tool, EasyStat, which allows readers to enjoy a user friendly experience in applying quantitative methods to solve related problems.

The book, including descriptive statistics, sampling methods, hypothesis tests and regression analysis, is separated into 13 chapters, from development of questionnaire to model building.

Target readers:

It is offered for candidates and students who are studying quantitative methods and statistics in tertiary level, and preparing for the examinations for financial analysis and accounting. Also, this book is useful for students who are preparing for their projects, research, thesis and dissertation at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Lawrence Chan

A Graduate Statistician and an Economist, is an inspiring teacher with over ten years teaching experience at tertiary level, delivering various courses in economics, statistics, business finance, marketing research and management with originated and humorous stories. Being a successful Educator, he has profound knowledge in transforming complicated concepts and theories into easy understanding knowledge.

Ferrix Lau

A Financial Analyst and Chartered Secretary, is a seasoned manager with substantial experience in business management. He is experienced in teaching mathematics, statistics, economics, accounting and finance. Also, he is professional in delivering knowledge in computational subjects with practical examples.


  • 目錄
    • Section 1 Quantitative Analysis for Professional Studies
      • Part A Descriptive Statistics
        • Chapter 1 Introduction to Quantitative Analysis
        • Chapter 2 Graphical Presentation and Frequency Distribution
        • Chapter 3 Descriptive Statistics and Introduction to Probability
        • Chapter 4 Standard Normal Probability Distribution
        • Chapter 5 Sampling Distribution
      • Part B Inferential Statistics (Numerical Data)
        • Chapter 6 Confidence Interval and Sample Size
        • Chapter 7 Hypothesis Testing – One Sample Test
        • Chapter 8 Hypothesis Testing – Two Sample Test
      • Part C Inferential Statistics (Categorical Data)
        • Chapter 9 Hypothesis Testing – Chi-square Test
      • Part D Model Building
        • Chapter 10 Correlation Analysis
        • Chapter 11 Simple Linear Regression Analysis
        • Chapter 12 Introduction to Multiple Regression Analysis
    • Section 2 Quantitative Analysis for Projects
      • Chapter 13 Use of Excel and Questionnaire Analysis
    • Answer Key
    • Formulae and Tables
    • References