Principles of World Economic Globalization

Yip Kai Ming
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出版日期 2009-12-04
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Innovative mathematical model for World Economic Globalization, which enables all Governments not only consider the economic situation of their own countries, but also consider the economic situation of other economically interrelated countries.

This book is a pioneer for World Economic Globalization. It will be of tremendous help for the blessing of all Human Beings living in the Twenty-First Century.


About Author

 Educational Background:

-          Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engg, Hong Kong Polytechnic (1984)

-          MSc., Building Services Engg., Brunel University, UK (1991)

-          MPhil., Mechanical Engg. Dept., The University of Hong Kong (1998)

-          MBA, South Columbia University, USA (2002)



-          National Economic Development & CooperationFebruary 2009 

-          Principles of World Economic GlobalizationChinese edition, June 2009 


Words from author

To review the Twentieth Century, the major innovation for economic theories was:


1)      Keynesian Theory: Representative publication: General Theory on Employment, Interest and Money. This book changed the classical Macroeconomic theory. The conclusion was that under economic recession, the Government should implement Fiscal Monetary policies to revive the economy.

2)      Monetary Theory: Leading economist to be Milton Friedman, with some other economists. They emphasis on the importance of Monetary control. Major contribution is Monetary policy, to govern the Business Cycles and to monitor the inflation rate.

3)      Economic Growth Theories.

4)      Other Economic Theories.


Today, the major economic trend is World Economic Globalization. However, there is no economic theory for that aspect of work, to ensure that World Economic Globalization will be processing in an orderly manner. In Sept., 2008, the World Economic Crisis happened, and nearly all countries in the World were affected. The Governments of all countries have already realized the importance of joint effort to save the World Economy. Therefore, relevant publishing about the theory of World Economic Globalization is essential. The publishing must fulfill the following criteria:


1)      Appropriate Economic Theory. Appropriate means the economic theory, is applicable in a long period of time, and is applicable for all countries in the World.

2)      The theory can contribute to the economic development of all cities, all provinces and all countries in the World.

3)      Provide theory for World Economic Globalization.


This book suits all the above criteria, especially 3) Provide theory for World Economic Globalization, by creating a new and innovative Mathematical Model for World Economic Globalization, which enables the Governments of all countries, not only cater for the economic situation of their own country, but also cater the economic situation of all interrelated countries, when making important economic decisions.


Ip Kai Ming, Samson