How To Be The Best Version of Yourself

Virginia Leung
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出版社 紅出版 (青森文化)
語言 英文
出版日期 2021-01-05
頁數 231
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From the accomplished psychological professional and expert of social etiquette, celebrated blogger and social influencer, counselor and mentor, author and essayist Virginia Leung: [An Original Work] of the most captivating, awe-inspiring writing.

Did you know that personality and attitude are the two deciding aspects of your fate?

Be crowned with a halo now as I share my top tips for improving your mentality, analytical skills, perspective, mindset, communication, Adversity Quotient, social etiquette- and putting them all into practice!


For the state of things to change for the better,
You must first change yourself for the better;
For the state of things to improve even more,
You must always be improving yourself even more!


Blind spots in our thinking, a lack of emotional intelligence or poor social skills- various problems, like these, admittedly drive away many opportunities. At times, one wonders whether these are foregone conclusions- or are they a result of inability and throwing in the towel way too early?

Emotions have an immense impact on our mood and performance, and our attitude and manner of dealing with things and people determine if opportunities come our way. Problems stem from our thoughts, and affect our behaviour. Outstanding social skills allow you to take to interpersonal relationships like a duck to water. This book will help you learn more about yourself- how to adjust your emotions and way of thinking, how to improve your communication skills, how to build the best social and romantic relationships, and how to enrich and cultivate your manner and inner substance. If you are determined to be a better- even the best- version of yourself, take a page from this book. If you can apply it well to daily life and make the most of it, you will surely be able to improve yourself!

Virginia Leung

  • Celebrated blogger, counselor, mentor and essayist
  • Expert in the fields of consulting psychology and social etiquette
  • Founder of Virginia’s Social Etiquette, EQ and Counseling Centre
  • 目錄
    • Emotions | Emotional Intelligence - Being kind to yourself is processing episodes instead of suppressing them.
      • 19 Separate Emotion from Incident
      • 21 Adversity Quotient (AQ)
      • 23 How to Process Episodes
      • 25 No Match for an Emotionally Intelligent Person
      • 27 Don’t Mistreat Yourself
      • 29 A Balanced Life
      • 31 The State of Urban Life
      • 33 Learning Acceptance 35 Be The Master of Your Emotions
      • 37 Why Punish Yourself with Unhappiness?
      • 39 Getting Angry Is Not Going to Help Anything
      • 41 Let Go of Your Stubbornness
      • 43 The Lethality of Words
      • 45 Avoidance and Relief
      • 47 Change Your Mood and Perspective
      • 49 Learn to Let Go
      • 51 Can’t Let Go
      • 53 The Fool and The Wise
      • 55 The Source of Unhappiness
      • 57 Reasons to Improve Yourself
      • 59 The Wisdom of Not Letting It Get To You
    • Thoughts | Know yourself - Evaluate yourself: blind spots in your thinking, values and perspective on life!
      • 63 Do you know yourself?
      • 65 How to help yourself relax
      • 67 What you covet is what you lack
      • 69 You cannot wake someone pretending to sleep
      • 71 There are no standards for success and happiness
      • 73 Inevitable characters in your life
      • 75 Wave goodbye to bad habits
      • 77 Be the hero of a motivational movie
      • 79 Have you put in your best?
      • 81 The gap in thinking
      • 83 Your manner of expression reflects your personality
      • 85 Aura is the only thing that doesn’t change
      • 87 Rediscover yourself
      • 89 All the world’s a stage
      • 91 Critique yourself
      • 93 Who do you love the most? Yourself or others?
      • 95 True self-confidence
      • 97 There is no perfection
      • 99 Let your mind progress
      • 101 The inner metric
      • 103 Rating yourself
      • 105 Opportunities are for those who are well-prepared
    • Self-Enrichment | Personality and attitude decide your fate (Improving interpersonal relationships, social gatherings, business etiquette, social etiquette, communication skills)
      • 109 Interpersonal relationships (A guide to friendships)
      • 111 Interpersonal relationships (Outcome is more important than Philosophy)
      • 113 Social etiquette (First impressions)
      • 115 Social etiquette (What are cultivated manners, inner substance and aura?)
      • 117 Social etiquette (The etiquette of formal gatherings)
      • 119 Basic table etiquette (Demonstration of Chinese table etiquette)
      • 121 Table etiquette (Demonstration of Western table etiquette)
      • 123 Communication skills (Making new friends)
      • 125 Communication skills (Appropriate topics and taboos)
      • 127 Communication skills (Using your words wisely 1)
      • 129 Communication skills (Using your words wisely 2)
      • 131 Communication skills (Psychological techniques- methods of criticism)
      • 133 Treating Clients
      • 135 Communication skills (Positive Language)
      • 137 Friends
      • 139 How to be the best version of yourself
      • 141 Blind spots in thinking
      • 143 A woman who is gentle yet firm
      • 145 Personal qualities
      • 147 Making others happy is also a responsibility
      • 149 Discernment checklist
      • 151 Challenge yourself
      • 153 Life is Practice
      • 155 Life values
      • 157 A woman who has expectations of herself
      • 159 Same conditions, different outcomes
      • 161 The strongest asset of men and women
      • 163 Catching the wisdom of others
      • 165 The power of gentleness
      • 167 Cultivating an aura
      • 169 Well-liked humour is graceful
      • 171 How much of your life are you responsible for?
    • Relationships | Where shall my heart rest - Making those who understand stay, or making yourself impossible to leave
      • 175 Being complementary to each other- being content
      • 177 Rebooting your mind
      • 179 Superficial value
      • 181 How to know if you’re treating someone well enough
      • 183 The mystery of women
      • 185 Irksome relationship problems
      • 187 Someone who cares and hurts for you
      • 189 Thawing his heart
      • 191 Give me back my soul
      • 193 On spending
      • 195 Capturing and harnessing his heart
      • 197 Treasuring yourself
      • 199 Three roles in relationships
      • 201 The real winner in love
      • 203 Relationships of yesterday
      • 205 A life of beauty is worth more than outer beauty
      • 207 Are you deserving of love from those around you?
      • 209 Crushes
      • 211 Being a confident lover
      • 213 To the brokenhearted
      • 215 A caring lover
      • 217 Mind games
      • 219 Can’t let go of you
      • 221 Avoidance in relationships
      • 223 Making yourself
      • 226 Advertisements
      • 227 Copyright Statement/ Notice/ Disclaimer
      • 231 Epilogue