Dr. Jau-Fei Chen
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語言 英文
出版日期 2016-09-28
國際書號 9789810946920

Nutrition aside, there are other interesting topics worth exploring in the pursuit of health. Can cancer be prevented? Why doesn’t everyone live long, healthy lives? What is the relationship between cardiovascular disease and the immune system? How does the immune system affect overall health? Which is a healthier food option: natural and wholesome plant foods or animal-based foods? How do our lifestyles affect our health?

Good health is not a secret. To achieve good health, we must first understand it. By drawing links between diet, health, and the immune system, this book provides fascinating insights into the preventive science of Nutritional Immunology.

Dr. Jau-Fei Chen

Dr. Jau-Fei Chen obtained her PhD in microbiology from Brigham Young University, USA, specializing in immunology and biochemistry along the way. She focused on cancer research for more than 20 years.

In 1992, Dr. Chen received the Federation of Overseas Chinese Associations’ Outstanding Overseas Youth Award. In 1993, she was awarded the Annual Model of Overseas Chinese Youth Entrepreneur Award.

In 1996, she was named Outstanding Woman of the Year by the Chinese Women’s Association of America. Governor Pete Wilson declared March 8, 1996, to be Jau-Fei Chen Day in the state of California.

In 1997, Dr. Chen was named one of the Ten Outstanding Young Americans by the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce. She was the first person of Chinese descent to win the TOYA award in that field. She also received the China Dynasty Award in the same year.

Through the years, Dr. Chen’s passion for educating about Nutritional Immunology has taken her around the world. She also published many books, including Enjoying Health & Longevity with Nutritional Immunology and Cancer & Nutritional Immunology.

  • 目錄
    • Introduction Yes, It Is Possible to Live to 120!
    • Chapter 1 Nutritional Immunology
      • What Is Nutritional Immunology?
      • The Immune System
      • Many Diseases Are Linked to a Malfunctioning Immune System
    • Chapter 2 Nutritional Immunology Is about Prevention
      • Phytochemicals
      • Antioxidants
      • Polysaccharides
      • United in the Fight Against Cancer
      • Enhance Vitality and Replenish Sleep
      • Relax and Unwind
    • Chapter 3 Start Young to Maintain a Healthy Immune System
      • Hidden Dangers
      • The Best Time for Defense
      • Medication Myths
    • Chapter 4 Why Doesn’t Everyone Achieve Longevity and Good Health?
      • A Delicious Danger—Animal-based Foods
      • Complete and Natural Nutrition Is Irreplaceable
      • “Natural” Does Not Necessarily Mean “Wholesome”
    • Chapter 5 A Vegetarian Diet—A Healthier Way of Life
      • A Vegetarian Diet Strengthens the Immune System
      • Other Health Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet
      • Nutrients Often Lacking in Vegetarian Diets
      • Pitfalls of Vegetarian Food
      • A Healthier and More Balanced Vegetarian Diet
      • Did You Know? Why Choose Plant-based Iron?
    • Chapter 6 Vegetarian Diets Are Environmentally Friendly
      • Meat Production Wastes Natural Resources
      • Meat Production Is Energy and Water Intensive
      • Animal-based Foods and Environmental Pollution
      • Animal-based Foods Threaten Ecosystems
    • Chapter 7 Cancer·The Immune System·Diet
      • Causes of Cancer
      • Cancer Does Not Happen Overnight
      • Cancer Is Linked to Strength of the Immune System
      • A Healthy Diet Keeps Cancer at Bay
      • Plant-based Nutrition Helps Prevent Cancer by Boosting Immunity
      • Live a Healthy Lifestyle and Win the Fight Against Cancer
    • Chapter 8 Obesity·The Immune System·Diet
      • Obesity and the Immune System
      • Dangers of Obesity
      • Improper Weight Loss Methods
      • How to Maintain a Healthy Weight
      • Get in Shape with Nature
    • Chapter 9 Cardiovascular Disease·The Immune System·Diet
      • Cardiovascular Disease and the Immune System
      • Cardiovascular Disease and Nutrition
      • Beat Cholesterol with Phytosterols
      • Can Drugs Cure Cardiovascular Disease?
      • Fiber and Cholesterol
      • Plant Foods That Are Beneficial to Heart
    • Chapter 10 Animal-based Omega-3·Plant-based Omega-3
      • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
      • Omega-6 Fatty Acids
      • Healthy Omega-6 to Omega-3 Ratio
      • How to Prevent Excessive Intake of Omega-6
      • Concerns about Animal-based Omega-3 Fatty Acids
      • Plants Are the Best Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids
      • Chia Seed and Kiwi Fruit Seed
      • Did You Know? Cooking Oils
      • Obtain Good-quality Oil from Good-quality Plants
    • Chapter 11 Autoimmune Diseases
      • Diet and Autoimmune Diseases
      • Other Risk Factors
      • Finding Relief from Autoimmune Diseases
      • Fight Autoimmune Diseases with Omega-3 Fatty Acids from Plants
    • Chapter 12 Allergy
      • What Is an Allergy?
      • Types of Allergy
      • Allergies vs. Colds
      • Diet and Allergies
      • Cleaner Environment = Higher Risk of Allergies?
      • How to Prevent Allergy
      • Treatments
      • Nature’s Power Against Allergies
      • Change Your Lifestyle
    • Chapter 13 Bones and Joints·The Immune System·Diet
      • Joints and Cartilage
      • Joint Problems
      • Benefits of Glucosamine for Joint Health
      • Some Concerns about Glucosamine
      • Joint Care
      • Plant Foods for Joint and Bone Health
    • Chapter 14 Osteoporosis
      • Age-related Bone Loss Is Normal
      • Beware of Unnecessary Medication
      • Link between Diet and Osteoporosis
      • Building Strong Bones
    • Chapter 15 Skin·The Immune System·Diet
      • Skin Renewal and Metabolism
      • Skin and Aging
      • Collagen and Skin Health
      • Skin-friendly Plant Foods
      • Did You Know? Tips on Selecting Cosmetic and Skin Care Products
      • Skin Care Tips
    • Chapter 16 Sight·The Immune System·Diet
      • The Immune System and Eye Conditions
      • Development of Eye Conditions Is Associated with Dietary Habits
      • Common Eye Conditions and Their Causes
      • Eye Conditions May Be Warning Signs from Other Organs
      • Plant Foods Promote Healthy Vision
      • Adopt Healthy Habits for Healthy Vision
    • Chapter 17 Sleep·The Immune System·Diet
      • Sleep and the Immune System
      • Sleep and Health
      • No Rest for the Weary
      • Getting Quality Sleep
      • Melatonin
      • Better Sleep with Plant Foods
    • Chapter 18 The Curious Case of Bacteria
      • Gut Microbiota
      • Gut Bacteria and Heart Health
      • Probiotics
      • Plant Foods for a Healthy Gut
      • Never Too Late
    • Chapter 19 Menopause·The Immune System·Diet
      • Stages of Menopause
      • Benefits of Plant Foods for Menopause
      • Differences Between Phytoestrogen and Animal-based Estrogen
      • Postmenopausal Health Concerns
      • Concerns about Hormone Therapy
      • Beneficial Plant Foods for Menopause
      • Live Well After Menopause
    • Chapter 20 Nutritional Immunology and Longevity
      • Longevity
      • Immunity and Waste Removal Ability Determine Longevity
      • Phytochemicals Help Purify the Body and Prolong Life
      • Plant Foods That Help Prolong Life
      • Lifestyle Choices for Prolonging Life
    • Chapter 21 Nature’s Bounty of Plant Nutrients
      • ABM Mushroom
      • Acerola Cherry
      • Alfalfa
      • American Ginseng
      • Ashitaba
      • Barley
      • Bee Pollen
      • Bitter Melon
      • Blueberry
      • Broccoli
      • Cactus/Cactus Fruit
      • Cassia tora
      • Chia Seed
      • Chinese Wolfberry
      • Chinese Yam
      • Chrysanthemum
      • Cordyceps Sinensis/Cordyceps Mycelium
      • Dates
      • Feverfew
      • Ginger
      • Ginkgo
      • Ginseng/Ginseng Berry
      • Grape/Grape Seed
      • Green Tea
      • Hawthorn
      • Jasmine
      • Kiwi Fruit Seed
      • Kumazasa
      • Lavender
      • Licorice
      • Lion’s Mane Mushroom
      • Lotus
      • Luffa
      • Maitake Mushroom
      • Mulberry
      • Osmanthus fragrans
      • Parsley
      • Passion Fruit
      • Pear
      • Peppermint
      • Perilla
      • Platycodon Root
      • Psyllium Husk
      • Pumpkin/Pumpkin Seed
      • Raspberry
      • Reishi Mushroom
      • Rose
      • Royal Jelly
      • Sage
      • Seaweed
      • Shiitake Mushroom
      • Soy
      • Sterculia Seed
      • Yun Zhi Mushroom