Blue Days

Yellow Optic
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出版社 紅出版 (青森文化)
語言 繁體中文
出版日期 2019-12-31
頁數 288
國際書號 9789888664290
內文色彩 黑白
尺寸 14cm x 21cm
訂裝 平裝/膠裝
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Future. Tense.

Much has changed in the late 21st century. The United States Federal Government has taken on a more nationalistic tone. A popular independence movement in California wants to break away, sparking warring protests, civil unrest, and fierce partisan engagements between the Federal Unionists and Californian Bearists across the state. When Alex Fritz’s good friend Kevin was arrested in connection with a hostage bombing that he himself witnessed, he realizes with his girlfriend Angel Vernon that they cannot live their lives in isolationist bliss as the factions close in.

Foreword by Mr. Frederick Berry

Last summer I was teaching a college public speaking class when a young student walked in the first day of class, who could have been mistaken for a middle school child, and greeted me with a joyful hi and glowing smile. This wasn’t at all typical on the first day of class, for most students taking the required dreaded public speaking class. It just seemed like there was something special or different about this student. As the summer class progressed, this student demonstrated extreme confidence and skills in preparing and delivering very challenging speaking assignments. He just stood out amongst the rest.

That student is Ross Chan. In talking with Ross, I was simply amazed, amongst many other things, at the fact he had published his first book, Fool Me Twice, at the tender age of 16, and, was working on his second book.

After eagerly reading Ross’s first book, I asked if I could get a copy of the next one whenever it became available. Although the book was not yet on the market, Ross asked if I would like to read the final draft. Which he delivered to me and I read. After finishing the book and discussing it with Ross, he asked if I would write the foreword to it. I eagerly accepted. I found his second book to be thoroughly creative, imaginative and engaging read—a fantastic work!

The characters prayed and hoped that everything would just be like it was doing what they might have gloriously remembered as “the good old days” in the great U.S. of A. However, had they really ever existed? Would political upheaval, political apathy, powerful and ubiquitous technology, violence and maybe a creeping revolution on the arisen permit such youthful nonsense or folly?

And so the story begins. The year is 2096. A group of close friends go about life trying to do what young people do—work and enjoy life as best they can. Partying, barbecuing, playing games, searching for love, and, most important, trying to stay below the acute eyes and ears of an army of drones, and other technology beyond imagination. They thought-- politics were for the political. The consequences of saying the wrong thing or being in the wrong place put one’s freedom and life in great jeopardy. A great mistake was made? Who, if anyone, will rise to the occasion? Friend or foe?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. The 19 year-old author has a vivid imagination and uncanny ability to create plots that twist and turn the reader’s mind into a frenzy of eagerness to keep reading to the very last page. The depth and breadth of the author’s skillful use of language in meticulously describing each scene makes one think they are actually watching a movie.

I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in a captivating, great read by an author who is far more mature, bright and imaginative beyond his 19 years on this Earth. I look forward to this up-and-coming young author’s future gifts to the world of literature and imagination.

Frederick Berry
Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
College of San Mateo, USA

Yellow Optic

Hello, I’m Ross Chan. Among my other interests in tech, filmmaking, and sports, my true love has always been with the literary arts. I started writing creatively (albeit very badly) at age 7 and realized my love for world-building and etching lifelike characters. Three and a half years ago, months before my 16th birthday, I finally first shared my passion with the world, and embarked on a path of even more world-building and even more lifelike character etching (maybe not as badly anymore).

I consider 《Fool Me Twice》 an important first experiment. This book is the second.

  • 目錄
    • Foreword
    • About the Author
    • One Idyllic Image 1
    • Two Different Paces 17
    • Three And The Tides Went Out 37
    • Four Rough Road Ahead 50
    • Five Imminent Escalation 64
    • Six Stick The Landing 79
    • Seven Action 103
    • Eight Blue Meets Purple 113
    • Nine Fourth of July 130
    • Ten Tumbling Down 156
    • Eleven Where Civilization Ends 166
    • Twelve Douse The Flames 179
    • Thirteen By The Slow Ocean 191
    • Fourteen Last Scoop of Borsch 200
    • Fifteen Cold Hall 216
    • Sixteen Chasing Bad Memories 225
    • Seventeen Piecing Themselves Together 235
    • Eighteen His Time Inside 249
    • Nineteen Moment of Truth 256
    • Twenty They Came For Him 270