Misconceptions in Biology: Hack the exam with Big Data

Matthew C.K. Ma、Jacky Y.H. Au
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出版日期 2017-11-13
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Public exam is not just a game of scoring the most points; it is also a game of making the least errors and mistakes. The purpose of public exam is to distinguish good students from the bad ones. And to do this, the examiners need to set up many pitfall traps. You must prepare yourself to jump over these traps. Otherwise, you may have a hard time scoring marks, which will sadly cost you the exam or even your future.

This book aims to teach you how to avoid making fatal mistakes in the exam. The authors will dig into and dissect the common misconceptions in Biology.

All the misconceptions in this book are based on answers from real candidates. The authors had spent years building the MiB Database, which automatically classifies and integrates 1,300 errors and misconceptions in the HKDSE and HKCEE Markers’ Reports from the past 20 years. With Big Data analytics, the top 240 most common and significant misconceptions were picked and analyzed in this book.


  • 5-in-1 exam guide: Exam Practice, Misconception, Misconception Analysis, Concept Review and Exam Drill
  • 240 most common errors and misconceptions distilled from MiB database, which includes 1,300 errors and mistakes in 20 years of Markers' Report
  • Bonus material: List of commonly misspelled biological terms

Matthew C.K. Ma

Matthew C.K. Ma is an experienced educator. He has devoted the past few years to the research on innovative technology and Big Data. In 2014, he took his research forward and created the MiB Database, which opened a new door for students to learn Biology effectively, excel in the HKDSE exam and achieve their goals. Matthew graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and went on to earn his master’s degree.

Jacky Y.H. Au

Jacky Y.H. Au obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Master of Science degree in Food Safety and Toxicology at the University of Hong Kong in 2006 and 2010 respectively. He is now working in Biology-related educational field.

  • 目錄
    • Chapter 1 Characteristics of Living Things
    • Chapter 2 Biological Molecules
    • Chapter 3 Cell Structure and Organization
    • Chapter 4 Movement of Substances across Cell Membrane
    • Chapter 5 Enzymes and Metabolism
    • Chapter 6 Food and Diet
    • Chapter 7 Human Nutrition
    • Chapter 8 Gas Exchange in Humans
    • Chapter 9 Transport in Humans
    • Chapter 10 Nutrition and Gas Exchange in Plants
    • Chapter 11 Transport and Support in Plants
    • Chapter 12 Cell Cycle and Cell Division
    • Chapter 13 Reproduction in Flowering Plants
    • Chapter 14 Reproduction in Humans
    • Chapter 15 Growth and Development
    • Chapter 16 Stimuli, Receptors and Responses
    • Chapter 17 Coordination in Humans
    • Chapter 18 Movement in Humans
    • Chapter 19 Homeostasis
    • Chapter 20 Classification of Living Organisms
    • Chapter 21 Ecosystems
    • Chapter 22 Photosynthesis
    • Chapter 23 Respiration
    • Chapter 24 Infectious Diseases and Personal Health
    • Chapter 25 Non-infectious Diseases and Disease Prevention
    • Chapter 26 Body Defence Mechanisms
    • Chapter 27 Basic Genetics and Inheritance
    • Chapter 28 Molecular Genetics
    • Chapter 29 Biotechnology
    • Chapter 30 Origins of Life and the Evidence for Evolution
    • Chapter 31 Evolution and Speciation
    • Chapter E1 Human Physiology: Regulation and Control
    • Chapter E2 Human Impacts on Ecosystems
    • Chapter E3 Microbiology
    • Chapter E4 Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
    • Appendix Commonly Misspelled Terms in Biology Exam