Potty Little Man: Selected Poems of Bai Chuan III

Bai Chuan
  • 電子書
出版社 紅出版 (青森文化)
語言 英文
出版日期 2015-05-04
頁數 108
國際書號 9789881391995
內文色彩 黑白

From his court Jupiter keeps staying away,
Missed by fellow gods; Atlas the culprit at large----

----The Tower of Pisa: A Sequel

Since the appearance of POTTY LITTLE MAN SELECTED POEMS OF BAI CHUAN III (《人渺小:白川詩選三》) in its original native language, there has been a demand for a serious attempt to transform its international outlook into an international readership. In response to this, the present English edition offers not a slavish translation. Instead, there is perhaps a true sense of creative effort, to say nothing of the venture itself being a rich and rewarding experience.

Bai Chuan

As a supporter of free verse since childhood, Bai Chuan’s translation is a product of the imagination as well as many years of hard work.

Publications of Bai Chuan

  • 目錄
    • PART ONE Puzzle
      • New Wristwatch
      • Short Dreams: A Threesome
      • Eyes of a Feline
      • The Dandelion: A Duo
        • First
        • Second
      • Winds
      • Clouds
      • Mists
      • The Snow, the Moon
      • When It Comes Again
      • Legend of Loch Ness
    • PART TWO Focus
      • The Castle, the Princess: A Sequel
      • The Tower of Pisa: A Sequel
      • The Kite: A Sequel
      • Monologue of Salt
      • The Pietà
      • The Best Present
      • Eyes Glinting
      • Earliest Memories
      • In Flower
      • Burden
    • PART THREE Animal World
      • The Koala
      • The Kangaroo
      • The Mongolian Pony
      • The Dolphin’s Lot
      • The Roebuck
      • Giant Tortoise: A Tale
      • Mussel Queen, Beads
      • Worm in the Earth
      • The Mouse
      • The Bee
    • PART FOUR Changing Scenes
      • The Sands
      • The Sea
      • Return to Rome
      • Mt. Vesuvius
      • Foreign Travel Envisioned: A Suite
        • First Asia
        • Second Europe
        • Third Africa
        • Fourth North America
        • Fifth Latin America
        • Sixth Oceania
        • Seventh Antarctica
    • APPENDIX 106