Roads Range Far: Selected Poems of Bai Chuan

Bai Chuan
  • 電子書
出版社 紅出版 (青森文化)
語言 英文
出版日期 2014-05-19
國際書號 9789888270965
內文色彩 黑白

Roads range far; Bold crossing’ tween Life and Death!
Vanguard rays mop the floor with lonesome grief.

Enjoy the wonderful world of poetry, and you will know what beauty and reality are.

Since the appearance of Roads Range Far: Selected Poems of Bai Chuan (道路遠近:白川詩選) in its original native language, there has been a demand for a serious attempt to transform its international outlook into an international readership. In response to this, the present English edition offers not a slavish translation. Instead, there is perhaps a true sense of creative effort, to say nothing of the venture itself being a rich and rewarding experience.

  • 目錄
    • PART ONE Dream, Reality
      • Spring Dream
      • Little Fish
      • A Far Setting Sun
      • Behold the Arrow
      • The Fish-tail At First Sight
      • The Taper
      • Ashes
      • A Driblet
      • Capital of Canals
      • Prospect of a Future Without Winter
    • PART TWO Profile
      • The Sun On My Shoulders
      • West Wind, East Wind
      • The Aquarium
      • Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
      • Red Wine
      • The Pencil
      • Leaves Red, Leaves Yellow
      • Fabulous Is the Rising Sun
      • One Day
      • Fortune
    • PART THREE Light , Darkness
      • Fine Day, Rainy Day, Overcast Day
      • The Castle, the Princess
      • The Leaning Tower of Pisa
      • Dr Sun’s Life as Portrayed in the Sun Yat-sen Museum
      • in Hong Kong
      • The Butterfly
      • Old Lady, Chaps
      • Peril—A Tetralogy
      • The Wetland Park
      • Peril: Pollution
        • First
        • Second
        • Third
    • PART FOUR Past , Present
      • Cartoon Animation
      • Bird Flu, Swine Flu
      • The Kite—A Trilogy
        • First
        • Second
        • Third
      • The Train—A Trilogy
        • First
        • Second
        • Third
      • The Red Crane—A Duo
        • First
        • Second
    • PART FIVE Myth, Reality
      • The Uono, Onsen, Snow
      • The United Nations Convention on Global Climate Change
      • The Mask
      • The Snake
      • The Annular Eclipse
      • Destiny—A Quartet
      • First The Giraffe, the Polar Bear
      • Second The Crow
      • Third The Phoenix, the Peacock
      • Fourth Between Man and Beast
    • APPENDIX English-Chinese Titles of the Poems