Wine Travelogue: Exploring the Charms of the Okanagan Valley 酒遊隨筆:探索奧肯那根谷的魅力

Philip Wong 黃建忠
  • 電子書
出版社 紅出版 (青森文化)
語言 繁體中文及英文
出版日期 2023-10-30
頁數 102
國際書號 9789888868155
內文色彩 彩色

"Wine Travelogue: Exploring the Charms of the Okanagan Valley" unveils the journey of savouring the wines of Canada's Okanagan Valley!

When you think of Canadian wine, ice wine might be the first to come to mind. However, when the author embarked on a wine tour in the Okanagan Valley and tasted over a hundred local wines, he was immediately captivated by the reds, whites, sparklings, and rosés.

This book is presented in both Chinese and English, brimming with captivating photographs and text. It chronicles the author's adventures and emotions, along with wine tasting notes and conversations with individual winemakers, grape growers, and estate managers during visits to twelve representative wineries across the Okanagan Valley, from north to south. The photographs vividly portray the region's lakes and mountains, the vineyards, and the winemaking facilities of each winery, as well as the warm faces of the local community. The book also delves into the author's insights into the region's distinctive and diverse terroir, biodynamic agriculture, smoke impacts, water and irrigation, cover crops, soil diversity, winemaking techniques, and climate change.




Philip Wong‭ 黃建忠‬

An accountant-turned wine specialist, Philip looks for evidence in each wine I tasted that expresses its origin and reflects the underlying culture, climate, soil, winemaking practice and beyond.

His credentials include:

  • WSET Certified Educator in Wines and Spirits
  • Educator at MWM Wine School
  • Wine Blogger at
  • Wine Judge at Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition since 2017
  • Contributing writer to WS Media magazines: “Wine & Spirits” and “Gourmet & Lifestyle”
  • Wine columnist on newspapers
  • Speaker at Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Fair and Hong Kong Fintech Week
  • Wine host in corporate and private events



  • WSET‭認證葡萄酒及烈酒導師‬
  • MWM Wine School‭ 導師‬
  •‭ 博客‬
  • 香港國際美酒品評大賽評審
  • 酒誌傳訊雜誌《酒誌》及《美饌生活》特約作家
  • 報章葡萄酒專欄作家
  • 香港國際美酒展及香港金融科技周演講嘉賓
  • 企業及私人活動葡萄酒主持
  • 目錄
    • Why this travelogue? 為何闡寫這本遊記?
    • 10 articles 十篇作品
      • The enchanted trip 魅幻之旅
      • The Okanagan Valley (Mind) Map 奧卡那根谷心智地圖
      • Unique but diverse 獨特而又多元
      • Biodynamic farming 生物動力農耕
      • Water and irrigation 水和灌溉
      • Smoke taint 煙霧污染
      • Sustainable development 可持續發展
      • Diverse but united 多元而團結
      • The best cover classics 經典翻唱耳目一新
      • Soil diversity 多元土壤
    • 12 wineries 十二個酒莊
      • Tantalus Vineyards
      • Summerhill Pyramid Winery
      • Quails’ Gate Winery
      • Mission Hill Family Estate Winery
      • Poplar Grove Winery
      • Laughing Stock Vineyards
      • Painted Rock Estate Winery
      • Meyer Family Vineyards
      • Culmina Family Estate Winery
      • Osoyoos Larose Estate Winery
      • Nk’Mip Cellars
      • Phantom Creek Estates
    • Grateful Acknowledgements 致謝辭