The Attack of the Enders

Jay Ku
  • 紙書
出版社 紅出版 (青森文化)
語言 英文
出版日期 2014-03-01
頁數 340
國際書號 9789888270439
內文色彩 黑白
尺寸 14cm x 21cm
訂裝 平裝/膠裝
紙書售價 HK$98.00

Just when everything has ended,
our heroes face another challenge:
Told to head north, but they know not what lies ahead.
Join Jay, Maya the rest of the survivors as they explore the world the vast world of Agnavina, while deep inside the depths of the End...
The End comes near.
He Rises.

The Evil Maya stabs Jay with her dagger, mincing his internal organs into crimson mush…

“Would I die not knowing what happened to me, and that I would die in the hands of my own friends? What was happening to me?...”

Entering a whole new world, Jay starts to realize it is just the beginning of nightmares: not only the possession of his best companion by evil, but also the return of Herobrine.

How could our Hero fight for the challenges ahead?


In his second book, the fifteen-year-old young author continues to create you a miserable track of adventure. Being a teenage story writer, he is keen on fascinating young readers to enjoy being one of the adventurers in his imaginative world.

The pace of story moves quickly from one scene to the next; three-dimensional characters are nicely built — keeping your nerve active and making the book difficult to be put down.

Now, hold your breath for peculiar but exciting journey. ARE. YOU. READY?

Jay Ku

Jay Ku, also known as his alias Zundzer, is a young writer striving to become a famous writer and an illustrator. He was born in Hong Kong, China in 1998. His best-known hobbies include: drawing with Photoshop CS6, reading comics and books, playing computer games and watching videos on YouTube.

He currently studies in Victoria Shanghai Academy.

Publication of Jay Ku: 《The Battle of Blocks》

  • 目錄
    • Prologue: On The Shore…
    • Chapter 1: Here. They. Come...
    • Chapter 2: A Whole New World
    • Chapter 3: Control Yourself
    • Chapter 4: The Village of Tetes
    • Chapter 5: Prepping for the big day
    • Chapter 6: The Berserker
    • Chapter 7: Enter the Child of Notch
    • Chapter 8: An illusion fools your eyes
    • Chapter 9: Who was Venomnia?
    • Chapter 10: Iron Golem jar
    • Chapter 11: Vengeance is best served with…Love?
    • Chapter 12: F.M.L.
    • Chapter 13: The Meaning of Life was not 42
    • Chapter 14: The Hunt for a Troll
    • Chapter 15: To the Troll Territory we go!
    • Chapter 16: The Boy from the Nether
    • Chapter 17: The Soul of a Brave Man
    • Chapter 18: Barkof’s Secret
    • Chapter 19: Lightsprint, the City of Swift and Sunlight
    • Chapter 20: It’s not over yet
    • Chapter 21: The Rebirth
    • Chapter 22: Flames and ashes
    • Chapter 23: Sanity Lost
    • Chapter 24: Aftermath
    • Chapter 25: Farewell
    • Chapter 26: Hail to the King
    • Chapter 27: Battlesreach, the heart of Agnavina
    • Chapter 28: The Crimson Chateau
    • Chapter 29: The Three Colossal Mountains
    • Chapter 30: The Arch
    • Chapter 31: Exorcisms are supernatural
    • Chapter 32: The Seven
    • Chapter 33: Meeting an old friend
    • Chapter 34: Amnesia
    • Chapter 35: The Quest for The Pieces of Aegis
    • Chapter 36: Arachnophobia, anyone?
    • Chapter 37: Zundzer
    • Chapter 38: Escaping Unholy Marrow
    • Chapter 39: Blue Girl
    • Chapter 40: Prepare for the end
    • Chapter 41: Getting to the Bottom of a Heated case
    • Chapter 42: Hotter than a Thousand Suns
    • Chapter 43: Going in hot
    • Chapter 44: End of the line
    • Chapter 45: Reunited