Charlotte the Sassy Tabby

Siena Ho
  • 紙書
出版社 紅出版 (青森文化)
語言 英文
出版日期 2017-06-08
頁數 124
國際書號 9789888437597
內文色彩 彩色
尺寸 14cm x 21cm
訂裝 平裝/膠裝
紙書售價 HK$68.00

Charlotte is a tabby kitten.

A tabby at grade 5 in Island East Acatemy (top cat school).

A tabby who got tempted to write this journal by cola candy.

A tabby who has an irritating neighbour, an arrogant enemy, and the noisiest little sister ever.

A tabby who sweated much to win a badminton competition.

A tabby who hates all interviews, exams and boredom.

Yes, this is me…wait, why am I telling you all these about myself?

This is my journal. Don’t try to read it!

What? A packet of cola candy?

Okay okay. I give in.

Get ready to take a sneak peek of my life…

Notes from the author


A few notes on this book:

  • Cats don’t talk or go to school.
  • Neither do dogs nor other animals except us, the homo sapiens.
  • Most of the content is made up but not those thingies I hate.

Hope you enjoy reading this book.

Thank you.



Siena is a Primary 6 student now.

If she is not daydreaming, reading, gobbling snacks quietly, yawning when Mum’s shopping, going crazy with friends, playing phone games, she can be found scribbling furiously at home, at school and basically anytime and anywhere. Ideas (and yummy food) always pop up in her mind.

She adores snacks, writing, reading, phone games and foot bath.

Spicy food, insects (ewww…), cold days and honey are not her cup of tea.