Verses from Victoria Harbour

Vincent Siu
  • 紙書
出版社 紅出版 (青森文化)
語言 英文
出版日期 2014-12-22
頁數 124
國際書號 9789881391605
內文色彩 黑白
尺寸 14cm x 21cm
訂裝 平裝/膠裝
紙書售價 HK$99.00

Hong Kong is a prosperous and international city, famous for its high finance and pricy real estate. Hong Kongers' attitudes and behaviour may spring from the staggering colony history and the multi-culture context. A locally-bred poet captures these unique characteristics of the city in 49 poems collected in this book titled 'Verses from Victoria Harbour'.

Victoria Harbour has always been the business, financial and political centre of Hong Kong since 1842. Her outlook has been changing enormously with progressive reclamation and erection of post-modern sky-scrapers. And to be in trend with other large cities of the world, some preservations are in demand. So are the 'values' as treasured by the inhabitants.

These values are shown in these verses of the poet, who decides to start this book with the poem 'The Umbrella Man', which records how he feels towards the two-month umbrella movement in Hong Kong in 2014.

"Born on 5 October 2014
Before midnight
On Harcourt Road, Admiralty,
My life may be very short, I am afraid;
Be cool my classmate, my friend,
Stay alert, stay alive,
Apply your wisdom and endurance
To transform this bleak earth into green grassland."

Excerpt of 'The Umbrella Man', Vincent Siu

Adding more colours to the book, there is a wide range of the themes of the poems, ranging from the poet's personal feelings to observations of people around, and to happenings surrounding the harbour, and beyond.

The poet has been writing poems over 10 years during which he witnesses the transformation of this vibrant and intercultural city from a local yet interesting angle.


The poet sketches the city's landscape by capturing the historical moments in Hong Kong, providing an alternative angle to understand the city. From 'The Umbrella Man' to 'Fourth of June', Siu writes about the power of the people which portrays the identity of the citizens.

The poet pays tribute to the traditions and history of Hong Kong. 'Save the Queen's Pier' talks about the landmark of collective memory with a long and sound history for decades since the colony period. 'The Fire Dragon' celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival in a small dwelling valley called Tai Hang in the Hong Kong island. The poet portrays the hustle and bustle of the city by taking with the readers a ride the notorious Mini-Bus and the famous Peak Tram.

This book brings you a taste of the Hong Kong daily life, which is ordinary yet unique.

Characteristics of the Book

Hong Kong poet writes about his home town. English readers would have a glimpse on the tourist attractions and local spots through his poems.

The themes of the poems vary from personal life to politics, from daily life to history. As a locally-bred poet, Siu tells his feeling about this city and beyond.

The poet writes about the local traditions such as the Fire Dragon, which is only to be found in Hong Kong to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Vincent Siu

Vincent Siu is a typical Hong Kong person. His parents came from Mainland China before World War II. He was born, educated and has been working in Hong Kong, except for one year further studies spent overseas as he was incapable of entering a local university at that time. He is a retired Engineer and lives by the southern reclaimed shore of Victoria Harbour.

  • 目錄
    • 50 Years
    • A Mid-Autumn Festival
    • A Sister and a Brother
    • Aeroplane
    • Anchored Freighter
    • Books
    • Christmas Eve 2006
    • Classmates
    • Fourth of June
    • Ghosts of the Holocausts
    • Halloween
    • Harbour Crossing
    • Hiking (I)
    • Hiking (II)
    • Jerusalem
    • Lotus Pond
    • Ma On Shan Promenade
    • Mist
    • MTR
    • Music Box
    • My Grand Nephew
    • My Little Niece (I)
    • My Little Niece (II)
    • My Little Niece (III)
    • Paper Goblet
    • Present
    • Sampan
    • Save the Queen’s Pier
    • Spring
    • The Bicycle
    • The Devil’s Peak
    • The Fire Dragon
    • The Former Marine Police Headquarters
    • The Fusion Ferry Pier
    • The Head under the Katana
    • The Mini-Bus
    • The Patriots
    • The Peak Tram
    • The Quiet Citizens
    • The Tourists (I)
    • The Tourists (II)
    • The Train
    • The Tram
    • The Umbrella Man
    • To Choi
    • Umbrella
    • Victoria Park 4-6-2012
    • White Pigeon
    • YAM Kim Fai