Universe Out of Nothing

Chan Hin
  • 電子書
出版社 紅出版 (青森文化)
語言 英文
出版日期 2022-05-17
頁數 250
國際書號 9789888743957
內文色彩 黑白

Is the opinions agreed by the majority of experts necessarily correct?
Is there any other way for the universe to be created besides the Big Bang?
Why “potential energy” is described as extra energy?
Is the speed of light the limit?
What is space? What is time?
Can an empty space really give rise to all things?

This book offers a new perspective on the birth of the universe and gives you an insightful and unique explanation.

Chan Hin

Astronomy enthusiast, after his retirement, he is committed to compiling his insights into the birth of the universe.

  • 目錄
    • Foreword
    • Discussing the speed of light
      • Discussing the constancy of light velocity
        • 1. Ultra-high-speed flying experiment
        • 2. An experiment to intercept photon
      • Discussing the speed of light is unsurpassable
      • A friendly reminder
      • A single rocket flying experiment
    • Universe out of nothing
      • Discussing space
        • 1. Space is necessarily infinite
        • 2. The relativity theory of object motion
        • 3. A distorted space
      • Discussing time
        • 1. Time and Space
        • 2. The dimension of space
        • 3. The contradiction of four-dimensional space
        • 4. Time and Distance
        • 5. Can speed change time?
      • The creation of the universe out of nothing
        • 1. Matter and Energy
        • 2. An energy that comes out spontaneously - potential energy
        • 3. The formation of the initial matter of the universe
    • My view of the Universe
      • The development and evolution of the universe out of nothing
        • 1. The creation of the first star
        • 2. The first generation seeder
        • 3. Discussing Neutron Star
        • 4. Supernova Explosion
        • 5. The formation of galaxies
        • 6. Movement of the universe after the formation of galaxies
        • 7. The disc effect of the aggregation of matter
        • 8. Formation of quasars
      • God's giving
      • Is it possible that our universe was created in the Big Bang?
      • Does the “universe out of nothing” shrink under gravity?
      • Solar Wind