All Kinds of Everything: From Chinese Civilization to World History (Vol 2: World History)

陳志海 (Warren Chan)
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The Great Flood of Yahweh killed almost all living things. Is this not genocide?
Most of the kings who were given the honour of “the great” (e.g. King Alexander the Great) were mass murderers?
The Americans’ right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness was built upon the native peoples’ loss of their lives, homes and liberties?

Open your eyes and be open-minded, learn history from different perspectives.

Hear the other side,
reflect on our own position,
independent thinking,
say no to double standard.

What have we learnt from history?

Do you know that Martin Luther (the founder of Protestantism) regarded the Jews “as no better than dogs”? Do you know that he said that the Jews “are children of the Devil, condemned to the flames of Hell?”

Do you know why there have been so many problems in various parts of the world? In furtherance of their colonial interests, British politicians from time to time wrote national borders for other peoples. They did so in the Balkans, in Africa and in the Middle East. They even drew the border between China and India. Such borders were very often not based on the conditions on the ground. This sowed the seeds of future conflicts.

The author introduces the influential moments and events in world history. More importantly, he raises questions and pinpoints some crucial facts that we have missed when we learnt history.

陳志海 (Warren Chan)

  • LL B. (HK)
  • Queen's Counsel
  • Senior Counsel
  • Honorary Fellow, University of Hong Kong
  • Honorary Fellow, Chinese University of Hong Kong

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  • 目錄
    • Chapter 1 Pre-Xia Dynasty (夏朝之前) (before 2070 BCE)
    • Chapter 2 Xia Dynasty (夏朝) (2070–1600 BCE)
    • Chapter 3 Shang Dynasty (商朝) (1600–1046 BCE)
    • Chapter 4 Zhou Dynasty (周朝) (1100–221 BCE)
    • Chapter 5 Qin Dynasty (秦朝) (221–207 BCE)
    • Chapter 6 Han Dynasty (漢朝) (203 BCE–220)
    • Chapter 7 Three Kingdoms (三國時代) (220–263)
    • Chapter 8 Jin Dynasty (晉朝) (265–420)
    • Chapter 9 Northern and Southern Dynasties (南北朝) (420–589)
    • Chapter 10 Sui Dynasty (隋朝) (581–618)
    • Chapter 11 Tang Dynasty (唐朝) (618–907)
    • Chapter 12 Five Dynasties (五代十國) (907–979)
    • Chapter 13 Song Dynasty (宋朝) (960–1276)
    • Chapter 14 Yuen Dynasty (元朝) (1260–1368)
    • Chapter 15 Ming Dynasty (明朝) (1368–1644)
    • Chapter 16 Qing Dynasty (清朝) (1644–1912)
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