Reikidou Naturopathy

Lee Ho-yin
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語言 英文
出版日期 2007-05-22
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Lee Ho-yin, alias Lee Sing-miu, is a native descendant of Nanhai County, Guangdong Province, China. He started practicing Qigong in 1950’s, after 40 years hard-work and research, founding a medical approach – Reikidou Naturopathy, based on the combination of Reiki, Bruise-clearing and Bone-correction.
There are four main points in his medical theory:
1.Bruises (blood clots, extravasated blood, blood stasis or thrombus) in the human body and with the subluxation of joints pressing on the nerves will give rise to different kinds of pain and illness, including cancers and other maladies.

2.Bruises are caused by trauma and knocks.

3. When all the bruises are cleared and the skeletal subluxations are corrected freeing the pressures on the nerves, most of the pains and illnesses could be recovered by means of the body’s rejuvenating capability and immune system. In fact, complete cure without the use of Western Medicine or Chinese Medicine is attainable.

4.All the bruises deposited in the human body could be detected by means of Reiki (life energy).

Reikidou Naturopathy is founded by Master Lee Ho-yin, its medical theory is based on human physiology, and is also well supported by his 40 years’ clinical practice, curing numerous patients with difficult conditions.