The Truth

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A Sketch of Truth Theory

The Truth Theory refers to a natural attribute which all things embody during cosmic movement. And which features the inherent quality of the universe, that is, the attraction between Yin and Yun, the negative cosmic gas and the positive cosmic gas.

It is the natural and scientific reality of the universe. The appearance of this theory will completely shatter the barriers that have hindered human understanding of life and all things in the universe for thousands of years. It will put an end to the idealism-materialism dichotomous outlook on the world and completely terminate the theism-atheism dualistic religious concept that people have disputed for thousands of years.

It will enable humankind on Earth to see the universe in the true, clear-minded and correct manner for the first time.

It will enable humankind to explain mysterious cosmic phenomena with our acquired part of scientific knowledge about the universe in a deep and complete manner for the first time. It is also a brand-new theory promoting human exploration of the universe to a higher level and advancing further.

It will enable humankind to become aware of the cosmic law for the first time and it will make our cognition of the Way and ethics of the universe, which is home to humans, the Earth, the planets and all things, more comprehensive and profound.

It will allow humankind to deeply realize the meaning and value of life for the first time. It will reshape the Earth on which we live.

It will change the social structures, living styles and ideologies of all human beings, and promote human development on a more scientific and civilized track.

It will help humankind to achieve a substantial leap in morality and civilization. It will guide the development of our science and technology towards higher and farther goals. Thus, we usher in a great and unprecedented civil society that has never before existed in human history.


LIU XINTAO, the creator of the theory of “cosmic yin yin yun li ci tuan”* and the inventor of “TAOXINLVU TREES PEOPLE Principles of Civilization Power”. He has written many works exploring the progress and development of human society and civilization in the future, such as The Truth, The Awakening and The Moral.

  • 目錄
    • Getting started
    • Introduction
    • Author’s new preface
    • Author's Preface
    • PART 1 About the Truth
      • Humans will usher in a brilliant new civilization in history.
      • A Great Era of Eternal Life will come.
      • A Sketch of Truth Theory
      • The Truth Theory
      • The Shape of Cosmic Space
      • The attractive force between Yin and Yun is the source of all life in the universe.
      • How does the Yin and Yun force bring forth all living things
      • The universe is a life body of organic movement within multidimensional space.
      • The Laws of the Universe with its Emptiness that Knows No Bounds
      • Words of Wisdom for the Universe
      • The Dark Matter and Dark Energy of the Universe are the Reality of the Activities of the Mercy Corp of Yin and Yun in Earth's Civilization
      • Unity of Yin and Yang, Unity of Life and Death, Unity of Heaven and the Earth
      • Yin and Yun created the universe.
      • All Living Things on the Earth Come from the Life of the Mercy Corps of the Cosmic Yin-Yun Energy
      • The Universe is a Panoramic Stereo Holographic Life Mutual Induction Network
      • The Universe Evolution Process Miniatured in Humans' Own Life
      • A complete human lifecycle is divided into 12 stages
      • The External Manifestation of Cosmic Living matter is the Barometer of the Inner Nature of Cosmic Life
      • Different Poses and Expressions are the Panoramic Stereo Reality of All Physical Lives in the Universe
      • The birth and growth of all kinds of new life in the universe is based on the granting and giving of the death and terminus of old life in the universe
      • The duel aspects of the Yin and Yang of cosmic matter is the reality of cosmic matter in the real world.
      • The sacred meaning of the number 9 in all living things in the universe
      • The magic and mystery of numbers on the Earth are the wonder of the Creator's hands.
      • Following the Right Way of the Universe is the Sacred Law of All Living Things
      • All Cosmic Life Matter Radiates the Sacred Brilliance of Mercy in the Movement of the Mercy Corp of Cosmic Yin-Yun Energy
      • All Living Things are the Crystallization of Virtue in the Universe
      • The Life Form of "Virtue of Yin-Yun"
      • The Sun is the true representative on Earth of the dark energy of the former universe. Water is the true representative on Earth of the dark matter of the former universe.
      • The Origin of All Living Things in the Universe and Reciprocating Life Characteristics
      • The Origin, Growth, Termination and Reincarnation of All Living Things in the Universe
      • All things under Heaven have their own ways.
      • The four seasons alternate in turn on the Earth, which is the visible life manifestation of cosmic dark matter on the Earth.
      • The Great Way of Gods, The Great Way of humans, The Great Way of animals
      • All things in the universe have their origins.
      • The high or low, good or evil of all creatures in the universe is the result of teaching; the fruit of cultivation; and the origin of ritual.
      • Blessings befall all living things in the universe because of their virtue. Bad luck befalls them because of their flawed virtue.
      • The Truth about All Things and Beings in the Universe
    • PART 2 About the Realness
      • The Origin of Human Life
      • The Small Planet, an Element of the Universe
      • The Divine Convenant between the Universe and Life
      • The Human Life Cycle of Conception, Birth, Growth, Death and Return
      • Discussion of the Holographic Integration of Human Life
      • On the Life State of the Human Soul After Death
      • The natural demise of life is the specific embodiment of the infinite mercy of the universe.
      • The Universe - Mystery of Human Life
      • The Yin and Yang dipole world of human life is the true existence of the holographic integration of human life.
      • Vulgarity and elegance are the common features of all organisms in the universe.
      • The mercy corps of Yin and Yun energy is the eternal force of human civilization and progress.
      • The Law of Changes in the Long Historical Evolution of Human Beings
      • For all things in the universe, helping people to succeed, getting things done, making things work, and helping life to grow is the only law of the universe in creating life.
      • Life is eternal. Spirit is eternal.
      • From past to present, the source of all chaos and trouble in human society is the result of the imbalance between Yin and Yang. Due to the Immorality of Life
      • The Digits from 1 to 10 in the Universe Contain the Physiological Structures of Human Appearance The triangle structure stands for the life presentation when all living things are motionless. The transformation from triangle to spiral and to ellipse is the reality of life moving from low velocity to high speed.
      • All physical structures of the human body are mysterious and exquisite designs based on the environment of the earth itself.
      • Origin of Virtue and Beauty
      • Correctly Understanding the Differences between All Living Things is the Only Right Choice for Human Beings to Develop from Ignorance to Knowledge
      • Five Era Characteristics of the Development of Medical History in Human Society at Home and Abroad Throughout History
      • The Causes of Human Body Diseases
      • The Generation, Development and Treatment of Human Body Diseases
      • The imbalance of Yin and Yang of human body is an important cause for serious diseases.
      • The Historical Route of the Development of Science and Technology in Human Survival and Evolution
      • Human natural science is the reality of cosmic theology in the real world.
      • Human ancestors are the factors of the golden family of the galaxy civilization on the earth.
      • The cosmic history is an endless evolutionary history.
      • The earliest human civilization originated from primitive forests.
      • The Order Formed for the Needs of Human Material Life Energy and Spiritual Energy
      • The early technology of early humans emerged from the dwelling construction.
      • The present harm and far-reaching influence of the imbalance of Yin and Yang in human life.
      • The Mathematical Representation of the Way of Life in the Universe
      • Dialectical Relationship between Matter and Spirit in the Human World
      • Thirteen Questions about the Cosmic Life
      • The invention of the ship was originated from the self-rescue adventure of ancient human floating on a log.
      • Movement is the basic law for the growth of life in the universe. Labor is an important difference in the life level of all things in the universe.
      • Number is the god-given code for human survival.
      • Religious theology, natural science, and social science is the pyramidal cosmic surface phase of the trinity of the human society.
      • Humankind has long been ignorant of Cosmic life.
      • Fame of Money
      • The hieroglyphic meaning of the Chinese character "Lei", meaning base, is implied in the structure composed of three Pyramids.
      • Since ancient times mankind has lived in unnecessary worry.
      • Human beings perceive the philosophical significance of numbers in the life of consanguineous groups.
      • Wealth is an effective tool in human social life.
      • All human wealth can only be held, but not owned.
      • When you become rich, you should often recall the pain you suffered when you were poor.
      • Mankind must accomplish its dream and goal relying on the objective conditions-heaven, earth and humanity.
      • Never Feel Satisfied in Prosperity or Depressed in Adversity
      • We humans must change ourselves to give this world a future.
      • Sublimation of Current Morals Involves Life and Death of Future Mankind
      • Any idea of blindly advocating unselfishness is the greatest disdain and contempt for human labourers.
      • Good is the first of all virtues and love is the source of all joys.
      • Discussion on Human Society's Top 10 Conflicts
      • The Relationship between Cosmic Theology and Cosmic Science
      • The Social Characteristics of the Contemporary Era of Humanity
    • PART 3 About the Suchness
      • The universe's solar system has entered the forth cycle.
      • The cosmic law is the only powerful tool to promote the progress of future human civilization.
      • The Epochal Features of the 4th Life Cycle of the Humans on the Earth
      • Cosmic Yin-Yun Truth Theory is a sacred weapon for relieving conflicts in future human society.
      • Theology and science are the most important disciplines interacting and coordinating with each other.
      • Cosmology will be the frontier of human science in the 21st century.
      • The material-spirit and Yin-Yang energy exchange of humans are the natural rights of the cosmic living beings.
      • Whether the human society is to face heavy suffering or great happiness depends on the cognitive attitude and belief level to the Truth Theory of the universe.
      • All main contradictions and conflicts in modern and contemporary human society arise from the imbalance between Yin and Yang.
      • The theory of the cosmos' Yin-Yun Mercy Group is a miraculous cure for resolving and dissolving all the contradictions and disputes in the current human world.
      • The imbalance of Yin and Yang of human life is the primary cause of their own immorality. The immorality of human life is the source of sin that causes the depravity of their own life
      • Human sex is the convergence of Yin and Yang and is the reincarnation process of the human life.
      • View of life
      • What is the meaning of human life exactly?
      • Adopting the theory of attractive force between Yin and Yun to guide the works of all undertakings is the only way to succeed in any business for mankind.
      • New Civilization Era The basic moral principle of survival strategies for human beings and all things on the earth.
      • The material beauty, quality beauty and human aesthetics of the gaseous mass are the common life characteristics of the trinity in the universe.
      • The Sacred Principles of Mutual Transmission Between Material and Spiritual Things in the Human World
      • The level of human science and technology depends on the quality of its moral civilization.
      • Nowadays, the human society must have "nine faiths"
      • The Main Contradictions of Human Economic Development in Today's World and Relative Solutions
      • The biggest problem exists in human society and solutions to it at present.
      • The rich people's help to the poor and the weak not only helps the poor, but also enriches themselves. Material contribution is to cultivate good karma and blessings for their lives.
      • The Status Quo of Humans in This Age
      • There have been many misconceptions and vulgar ideas of self-deception in many aspects of human society from the ancient times till today.
      • Religious, economic and cultural globalization in human society is the only correct way for humankind to achieve healthy and civilized development.
      • All love in human life is not selfless sacrifice but sound morality.
      • The value of humans' life in the future should be like this:
      • The future happy life should be like this:
      • Law is the touchstone of the conscience of the human society.
      • Ascendancy Power and Authority
      • How Economic Crisis Emerges in Human Society and the Solutions
      • Rapid economic growth relies on population quality, and increase in consumer demand relies on population quantity in the future.
      • Happy life of future humankind must result from social and institutional reform.
    • Postscript